A. Brief history

The Bachelor of Education in Mechanical Engineering study program (BEME) is one of the departments in the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Padang, and is under the management of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Currently, BEME has 33 teaching staffs/researchers and 8 administrative staffs. To support all educational activities, BEME is equipped with 8 laboratories and workshops with complete equipments that are used for learning activities, research, student final project and community service activities.

Currently, BEME is accredited with predicate ‘A’ from the Indonesian higher education accreditation council (BAN-PT).

In the semester of July-December 2020, there are 475 students actively studying at BEME, 5013 students at the Faculty of Engineering (see here), and more than 45.000 students at UNP (see in Forlap Dikti)

B. Study program identity

Name of program

Indonesian: Pendidikan Teknik Mesin
English translation: Bachelor of Education in Mechanical Engineering (BEME)

Final Degree

Indonesian: Sarjana Pendidikan (S.Pd)
English translation: Bachelor of Education in Mechanical Engineering

Area of Specialization

Fabrication, Machine construction, Machining

Corresponding level of EQF (Indonesian Standard)

Level 6

Mode of Study

Full time

Standard duration of study

8 Semesters, (4 Years)

Credit points / Units

144 credits

Intake rhythm and first time of offer

Annually,  1 September 1977

Faculty / Department

Faculty of Engineering / Department of Mechanical Engineering


+62 751 7055644



Official contact person / phone

Mr. Purwantono / +62 813 7485 8042