Quality Assurance

A. Regulation for QMS

QMS in BEME is implemented based on several regulations:

  1. Rector’s Decree on the establishment of BPMI (download here)
  2. Rector’s Decree on the appointment of the commuting coordinator 2004 (download here), 2019 (download here) and 2020 (download here)
  3. Rector’s Decree on Quality Assurance 2017 (download here)
  4. Rector’s Decree on the appointment of GPM and UPM UNP teams for 2019 (here) and 2020 (here)

The Organizational Structure of the Quality Assurance Agency of UNP can be seen in the following figure:

B. Audit Report

An internal quality audit is conducted annually by the UNP Quality Assurance Center. The audit reports are as follows:

a. Audit report 2017, download here

b. Audit report 2018, download here

c. Audit report 2019, download here